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About me

My name is Bailey Lievens and I enjoy creating things. It can be something digital which is the most likely, but I enjoy some physical creation every once in a while. I’m currently 24 years old and I’m currently working full-time at iODigital as a shopware developer.

My current goal is to learn a lot about web development and maybe someday start teaching about web development.

I would write some information about what languages or frameworks I’m good at but right now I know enough about web development to realise I know the bare minimum to start creating.

If I did have to select a few languages and frameworks I feel comfortable with they would be:

Some technology I’m interested in and will be trying in the future:

That’s it! I don’t really know what else to write here...

If you have any questions send me an email. Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram, LinkedIn and GitHub.

Need some more structure? Download my resume!