Graduation caps


I finished my IMD (Interactive Multimedia Design) bachelor's degree on the 21st of June!🎉 Truly a wonderful ride with even more wonderful people.

Before I found IMD I tried a lot of other things that didn't fit me. A few highlights include failing horribly at psychology (Shoutout to the abnoxious amount of statistics for that one) and working at a cocktail/jazz bar in Mol called Jazzoet. And I could not have been more grateful for the journey, for I would not be who I am today.

So what was my final bachelor's project? Me and 11 other students were selected for the in-house agency Designosource. We worked for real clients instead of creating a hypothetical project for our finals. We created a virtual environment for the 'famous' DJ, Yolotanker, a cms website for Manestarters in Mechelen and lots more. And at the end of it all, we gave a show to the public to showcase our work.

Here are some pictures of the final show we presented.

Ilya and Fien presenting Brian lifting weights

Above you saw our 2 hosts, Ilya and Fien. They did a great job of introducing the projects and making them a fun experience for everyone involved. Of course we also had a lot of sketches to lighten up the more heavy technical explanations.

Teachers part of a sketch Stefan yelling fuck you

Some more show pictures. Some of the sketch with some teachers and Stefan yelling FUCK YOU to the audience.

And, of course, I was on stage as well.

Bailey presenting

We also had a gorgeous location. Stadsschouwburg located in Mechelen.

Stadsschouwburg Foyer Stadsschouwburg

I'd like to take this opportunity as well to say my thanks to some special people I met during my search and 3 years of IMD.

My mom ❤ī¸

Continuous support for literally everything I wanted to do. I could literally tell her everything and she would support me as long as it made me happy. So yeah, thanks mom. You're the best I could've ever asked for.❤ī¸

My stepdad 💙

We didn't start out on the right foot, but goddamn he might even be more proud when compared to my mom. Thank you for always looking after me and assisting me whenever you were able to.

Elien 💜

Giving me certainty and motivation to always give it my all. Making sure I'm always happy and giving me confidence in things I'm not confident about. She might be the best thing that ever happened to me in a classroom. From students working together to full-time girlfriend. Thank you for everything.💜
She is also a very cool person and everyone will love her, so go look at her very cool website.

Eddy 🍸

You taught me a fuck ton of stuff. You taught me to stop speaking under my breath. You taught me so much that I don't even know where to start. Without you, I probably wouldn't even have started going to college again. You made me into the person I am today. Thank you for giving me a chance when I strolled into the jazzoet at 2 pm and asked you to make me a hot cocoa. I have loads upon loads of good memories of us and my job at Jazzoet. Thank you.

Ilya 👀

Big doofus I met at year 1 of IMD.

Just kidding. You were a great friend all the way through, and I'm grateful I became your friend. You always made me laugh and gave me great feedback on all my projects. It really was a great time working together with you. Hopefully, our professional careers will cross each other in the future.
Oh, and you can find him at !

Nick 🧠

Nick is an actual big brain. No idea how you got this smart, but it was so much fun working with someone as (or even more) passionate about coding as me. I am super glad I got to know you in the 2nd year during our course of mobile advanced. No doubt you're going to make it big in some way or another. Good luck out there!
Obligatory plug !

Ellen đŸĻ

Ellen! One of the original three from year 1. It was very nice working with you and I hope you'll find your place in the world. Be it in IT or somewhere else. Looking forward to hearing where you end up. Also, I'm still waiting on that dream-ice icecream btw.
She also has a portfolio! Go check it out.

Stefan đŸĻ–

Very likely one of the most weird | funny | vague | friendly | active | passionate people I've ever met. I'm glad you were part of Designosource and I got the chance to get to know you on a more personal level. Good luck in your future endeavours and hopefully you'll never have to work at Pizza Hut again.😤 Never change.

Joris đŸ’ģ

How many things can one person be good at? Joris will probably figure that out. This madlad does it all.
Cooking? ✔ī¸
Beekeeping? ✔ī¸
Being a great dad? ✔ī¸
Frontend? ✔ī¸
Backend? ✔ī¸
Business owner? ✔ī¸
Being the best teacher I've ever had? ✔ī¸ ✔ī¸ ✔ī¸ ✔ī¸ ✔ī¸

Thank you for being you. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future. Oh yeah check him out over at

David ✌ ☝ 🤚 👌 👍

A great teacher at Thomas More. Handsigns and speeches. I'll miss those. You're a very inspirational teacher, and I love all of your quirks. Thank you for helping to shape IMD into what it is today.

Linde 💃

The youth of IMD. You were a very fun teacher to be around, and you livened up the room when you were around. Good luck in your future endeavours and perhaps we will meet again.
She also has a sick company!

Koen 🛩ī¸

One of the more unique teachers over at IMD. You were a teacher full of statements and a passion to share them and discuss them. Thank you for all the fun memories you gave me.
He's always working on something new, but right now he's working on Full of Wonder with his girlfriend.